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Shoes and bags made of python or crocodile skin are a special chic. Traditionally, these accessories are considered not only as a sign of good taste, but also the main detail around which to build a fashion image. Society does not stand still, and every year there are new exclusive models, but we in Leggio Avi make shoes and bags of exotic leathers affordable luxury. Using all materials made in Italy and producing accessories in Italy (for Western market) and in Ukraine (for Ukrainian market), Leggio Avi is not inferior in quality to the top brands of Europe, but at a price remain very democratic.


Leggio Avi creates exclusive handbags and handmade shoes from exotic leathers that combine the attraction of luxury and special charm, harmoniously creating a fashionable image and always staying at the peak of modern trends. To date, these accessories are considered a real breakthrough in the fashion world - they not only set the tone alongside, but also indicate the ideal taste of the owner.

If you do something, then do it the best!

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